Men’s Fellowship

                                     Aberdeen Christian Fellowship is hosting an evening for men

                                                       Wednesday 2nd October 2019 at 7:00pm

                                               Come and hear the man who breaks with tradition.

                                                                                 Dez Johnston

                                                                   Director of Alpha Scotland

Dez has a unique, but high impact ministry. His story is not one that everyone could identify with. He is funny, outrageous, challenging, but always speaks from the heart.

This is a great opportunity for men to invite family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours or just complete strangers to hear how God can give their life meaning, purpose and direction. Dez`s story should be an inspiration and a challenge for men of all ages. Come along, bring someone with you it may turn out to be the most important night of your or their lives.

                                                                            Refreshments provided.

                                                             We look forward to seeing you there.