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  • Jesus the true King on route to His coronation.
    In this sermon by Derek McHardy, he delves into the Gospel of Matthew, emphasizing the revelation and significance of Jesus' identity. Exploring the journey of the disciples' understanding, he likens it to characters in a movie who gradually unveil hidden truths. Derek highlights the multi-layered nature of Matthew's Gospel, reflecting the mature reflection of an […]
  • Perfect Love Drives Out Fear
    Vijay Pillai discusses the theme of fear, exploring its different aspects and how it affects us. He shares how fear is a natural emotion, but it can be eased through trust in the perfect love of God, as revealed in Christ. Using verses from both the Old and New Testaments, he emphasizes that God's love […]
  • Why Jesus matters
    In this sermon by James McKenzie, he discusses why Jesus matters in three key aspects. Firstly, he emphasizes Jesus' unique identity as both fully God and fully human, highlighting how Jesus' divinity and humanity come together in an extraordinary way. Secondly, McKenzie delves into Jesus' historical significance, explaining that Jesus' death on the cross was […]