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  • The Vanity of Wisdom: Insights from Ecclesiastes
    David Young explores the theme of the vanity of human wisdom as presented in Ecclesiastes 1:12-18. He delves into the limitations of human knowledge and the pursuit of understanding, highlighting the importance of seeking true wisdom from God. Through his analysis of the passage, he offers valuable insights and practical advice for living a meaningful […]
  • The Meaninglessness of Life Without God
    In this sermon on Ecclesiastes 1:1-11, Florence McKenzie explores the theme of the book of Ecclesiastes and how it relates to our lives today. She reminds us that seeking satisfaction in the things of this world, without centering our lives on God, will ultimately lead to disappointment and meaninglessness. Through the lens of Ecclesiastes, she […]
  • Greater than Solomon - easter sunday 2023
    2023 Easter Sunday sermon, Vijay Pillai explores the passage of Luke 11:29-31, where Jesus speaks about the sign of Jonah and compares himself to Solomon. Vijay delves into the deeper meaning behind these comparisons, highlighting how Jesus is greater than even the wisest and most powerful figures in history, and how we can trust in […]