Welcome to Aberdeen Christian Fellowship, an evangelical church based on Union Grove in the West End of Aberdeen. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch by telephone (01224 600207) or email (office@aberdeencf.com). You can also keep in touch by signing up to our mailing list by clicking here.

Service Live Stream - Sundays, 10:30am:

Note - we stream video and audio from our services across several social networks as well as our website. If you attend our services this may result in you appearing on the live stream. If you do not want yourself or any family member to be filmed please speak to one of the welcome team or stewards who will direct you to a 'film-free' area

Prayer Meeting - Tuesdays, 7pm:


RSS Sermons

  • Abraham's Journey Pt.7
    Pastor Vijay Pillai continues our series on Abraham's Journey. Vijay looks at Genesis 17:1 - 18:18. Vijay begins with talking about circumcision and who falls under God's covenant. He then moves onto Abraham and Sarah being visited by 3 surprise visitors.
  • Abraham's Journey Pt.6 & The Current Conflict in the Middle East
    Derek continues the series on Abraham's Journey while also speaking about the current conflict in the middle east. Derek reads Genesis 17:1-14 & focuses on 3 Main topics:¬† The life of following God for old and new testament believers¬†¬† Following God has external aspects (obedience & conduct) and internal conflicts (heart attitude) The vexed and […]
  • Abrahams Journey Pt.5
    Florence continues the series of Abrahams Journey by looking at Genesis chapter 16. Sarai, Abrams wife is unable to have children, and offers her maid servant Hagar to Abraham. Hagar is treated poorly by her mistress and runs away. She is later found by god in the desert. There she is conforted in the fact […]