Worship – Leader Checklist

1. Liaise with preacher for info on their topic and to ask if they would like a specific song for after the sermon which will tie everything together.

2. Send out programme to band, techies, preacher, children & youth workers & PCF contacts by Thur at the latest in order to give the muso’s a chance to practice before Sun. The keys specified in Songselect are normally best for congregations but this depends on your own vocal range. When you send out the music, ask every band member to confirm that they are coming on Sunday !

3. Load programme into Song pro before the practice ensuring you have looked at / adjusted the running order of each song and have edited the welcome message.

4. Give everyone a copy of the programme on the morning.

5. If it’s your turn to introduce a new song, ensure you have put the music in the ACF dropbox (lead sheet & chords) & circulated this along with a you tube link to the whole worship team.

6. Coordinate prayer – start practice with prayer, pray before the main service begins & give thanks to God for help given after the service has finished.

7. Remember the offering! Do it after the announcements

8. Aim to start at 10.30 prompt and hand over service to the preacher at 11.15/11.20am. They should hand back to you 11.50/11.55‘ish so that there is time to respond to the word before the end of the service. Crèche & children’s church team leaders struggle if the service goes on for longer than intended.