Prayer for Indian Inland Mission

Prayer for Indian Inland Mission in light of Corona

This is the first year in 55 years that there has been no North India Christian Workers conference (attended by around 4000 delegates). There was no graduation service either for the Bible College students.

  • Pray that all who would have participated this year will continue to be encouraged despite this anticlimactic situation.

The Government of India has issued a 3-week total lockdown. There is to be no one leaving the house. This effects those in the mission and our family in India

  • There are 52 families remaining at the Grace Centre who will be running out of food. Pray that Sujay (a brother of Vijay) is able to travel to the locations with the necessary cash to purchase vegetables and other supplies. Most food (vegetables and perishables) has to be bought to be consumed within 2-3 days. Sujay is concerned about the practicalities of how he will be able to do all that. The area he is working in is a total cash economy.
  • This period will be a death sentence to many of the poorest who are likely to die of starvation and other illnesses before they die of the virus. Please pray that the mission has the freedom and resources to serve Christ at this time.
  • Thank the Lord that as far as we are aware, none of the co-workers and those who are part of the Bethesda Children’s Network are affected by the corona virus.
  • Pray that this present crisis will be an opportunity for the message of Christ to be proclaimed throughout India. The callous treatment of the most marginalised in India is a consequence of a worldview that doesn’t see all human beings as created in the image of God.
  • Vijay’s mother needs regular critical medication. Sujay is thankul that he was able to get a full months supply of everything she needed yesterday when he went to the pharmacy.

Thank you for your prayers.