Manson update

Manson Merchant update

Two weeks have gone since Manson’s surgery. All is going to plan – but a bit better.

Manson is to be discharged from  Hampshire NHS this coming Saturday (6th July)

Prayer is required for the coming journey back to Sunny Aberdeen.

But on a serious note: The material that was removed from Manson is to be analysed for Cancer Cells. I believe this will be on a scale of 1 to 4, 1 being a Good Score (No more medical science intervention) and 4. being a Bad, requiring chemo.

Appreciate that this be given a priority prayer request.

But we definitely give thanks for what has been achieved and are very appreciative of the Prayer’s that have been offered and continue to look forward to seeing Gods Glory and Grace being worked out.

Best Regards and Yours in Christ

Christine and David Robertson