Calling all men

Calling all men.

The Elder’s at ACF, being convinced of the need to have a vibrant, active Men’s Fellowship in the church, asked Phil Smith to explore what such a group may look like. Phil assembled a team comprising himself, Kev Ashton, Len Milne, and Matthew Smith (different variety of Smith!), who have met, discussed¬† and prayed together.

The next step is to have a get together for all those interested, when Phil and Co will do two things, namely, present their aims following on from their discussions, and, equally as important,¬†listen to what guys would want in terms of activities, topics, regularity of meetings and hopefully, some fresh ideas. There are so many potential possibilities it’s important to identify which is right for ACF.

The get together will be from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesday 20 March at the church, AND IT WILL INVOLVE (FREE) FOOD (a wonderful start, if I may say so).

To get a handle on likely numbers for catering, between then and now the team will try to get round the men in the church. However, in the interim, please feel free to contact Phil on

For any ladies reading this message, please encourage the man in your life to come along, as he probably needs it, and you almost certainly do!