Souls of our Shoes

Crown Terrace Baptist Church is pleased to host an exhibition prepared by Scottish Interfaith Group on Domestic Abuse
Faith Communities Working Together to Tackle Domestic Abuse

Souls of our Shoes Exhibition

The shoes in this exhibition speak on behalf of abused individuals who suffer and some who die at the hands of their partner. Other comments come from those who journey with them. Their reflections represent a faith perspective.

“It is God’s intention for all human beings, male, female, child and adult, to enjoy safety, freedom, dignity and fullness of life. Abuse in the home is a violation of God’s wish for humanity as it can adversely affect an individual’s relationship with God and also creates substantial damage in the family, in the community and in society as a whole.”
(From the Inter-Faith Statement)

With timely help, many can escape from their abusive situation, rebuild their confidence and live in safety.

This exhibition has been adapted from the ‘104 pairs of shoes’ initiated by the YWCA.

Exhibition will be open at
Crown Terrace Baptist Church at Crown Terrace, Aberdeen, AB11 6HE on following days:

25 & 26 May, 6.30pm – 8.00pm: 27 May, 2.00pm – 4.00pm; 1 & 2 June, 6.30pm – 800pm