prayer requests

Prayer requests.

Two requests for prayer have been received at the office, the first from David Young, the latter from Russell Ritchie.

Hi – I wonder if you could put out a prayer request for a friend of mine who is part of the Jump planning team. Received this message about his situation yesterday:

“I wanted to update you on John’s situation.  Some of you will know some of this and for some it may be entirely new, so forgive me if I repeat myself a little. John went home to India on holiday around 3 weeks ago.  About 10 days or so ago he was taken into hospital with headaches and went into a coma, spending around 5 days in intensive care.  It was only once he was out of that that we heard from him. I was in touch with him by email but did not have much information. Last night I spoke to him on the phone.  Unfortunately the line was bad and John’s speech is somewhat slurred.  However, we talked for some time and from what I could pick up, John has a bacterial infection starting, I think, in his spine and infecting his brain.  He spoke about a 20% chance of survival which I think was when he was in ICU, but it may be that he is still that seriously ill: I could not quite understand.  Certainly he has been told that will remain in hospital for 3 to 6 months and could take 2 years to make a recovery.  He is by no means out of the woods yet and the illness remains life threatening.  It goes without saying that he is asking for our prayers.

I prayed with him on the phone and was also able to speak with his mother.  As you know John is an exceptional young man with an inspiring strength, character and faith.  He is determined to recover so that he can serve God. He has said that he will try and keep in touch with me by email, although he is finding that he is often unable to function as he wants or even speak properly.  His family will also hopefully keep in touch. Thank you for your prayers and support.”


Hi All,

I would be really grateful if you could pray for a friend and colleague of mine.  Dami is a young Christian Nigeria lady who is losing her job as her employing company (IT based) won’t renew her work Visa.  She may have as little as 2 weeks before she has to leave the country.  She totally trusts in Gods good and perfect plan and knows that He may take her back home, however she would love to stay here in the UK.  Please pray; if it is Gods will;  for a door to open for Dami to stay in the UK.