prayer x 2

Prayer x 2.

Please pray for Aylwin’s dad.He has previously been diagnosed with Lymphoma, but more recent blood tests are giving cause for concern. He saw a cancer specialist yesterday and has an appointment in two weeks time to take a bone marrow sample as it is thought the cancer may have spread. ┬áPlease pray for his physical and spiritual healing, and that the family, who don’t know the Saviour,yet, would know His peace.

Please continue to pray for healing for Iain Gillespie. He recently suffered a spinal stroke, leaving him extremely debilitated with limited movement in his arms and even less in his legs.Pray that his legs would start moving or any physio will have limited results.Pray that medical staff will identify the best place for his care. He is very ill with complicated medical conditions which need careful management. Pray also for stability in his conditions. Pray that he, and Joy, Jenna and Sophia will continue to know the presence of the Jesus, and experience the peace that passes all understanding of the One Who can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.