Giving Day – 28th June

Just following up on the announcement yesterday – we have now (nearly) reached our 5 year anniversary of having a new building !

We’re very excited about what God’s been doing with the extra space and we’re looking forward to what He’s going to do next – we’re not sure what that will look like but we do know that there are some areas of the building and its facilities which need repair or improvement and we want to do this over the summer period while it’s generally a lot quieter.

The key areas we’ve identified are:

  • Painting the gable wall
  • Some internal repairs – various leaks and ‘toilet issues’ need to be addressed!
  • Tech –¬†upgrades to some of the projector/lighting and general IT gear that we increasingly rely on.
  • External lighting – we would like to fit some external lights to the pillars at the gate
  • We’re sure that there are other things we could do to increase our impact – please let us know if you spot anything that needs fixed or if you can see an opportunity to invest in any aspect of our ministries which will help us to better serve God with His church

At the moment we think the cost for all of this is going to be somewhere around £20K.

In order to raise at least part of this sum we’ve organised a giving day for Sunday 28th June. We’ll have a second collection at the morning service. If you’re a regular attender or member please pray and consider what you could give over and above your regular giving.

If you’re a UK taxpayer we can reclaim some of the tax you pay on your donation – please contact Malcolm for more information.

If you’d like information on giving regularly to ACF Malcolm can provide standing order forms.

If you have any questions or comments please let any of the leadership team know.