Help sought

Help sought: 

Friends of Vijay who worship in an evangelical church in Kingussie have friends who are in a crisis situation and are wondering if anyone can help at all. Mark Denman has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and will have surgery in Aberdeen (arriving today). His wife, Susan, obviously will want to spend as much time as possible with him, though will need to come and go because they have 3 teenage boys at home. It may be some weeks before he is able to return home. They are pretty hard up and hotel bills for her will likely be a stretch. She is a believer but Mark is not, and she would probably appreciate the support of Christians while she’s in Aberdeen, rather than staying in a faceless hotel alone. Is there anyone who might be able to offer her a room when she needs it in the coming weeks – and unobtrusive support? She may decide against it, but if there are any willing, an offer will be made to her. They are currently staying in the Red Cross accommodation round the corner from ACF. If you can help please contact Vijay on