James Packham Update 2

James Packham update 2

Pleased to let you all know that James is getting out of hospital tomorrow (Friday) at some point!! They have been monitoring him over the last few days and carrying out regular blood and urine tests and the consultant advised today that he is satisfied that James’s creatine levels in urine are reducing (apparently these were sky high when he was admitted) and his kidney function is continuing to increase each day.  Although he is getting out tomorrow, he will need to go back to the GP on Monday for more blood tests and back to hospital in 2 weeks for further checks and tests to ensure that his kidney function continues to improve. At that stage we should know if he will need any longer term check-ups or monitoring.

It’s still not entirely clear what caused him to become so unwell and for his kidney function to reduce so drastically and rapidly but the consultant suggested it may have been caused by a virus or bug in James’s system which he had picked up at some point and was making him feel generally under the weather. It’s possible that this bug has then attacked his kidney. It means that next time he has a sore throat or feels a bit ill, he is going straight to the doctors!

Thanks SO much for all the prayers and kind messages we have received this week, it’s been such a huge support for both of us and we are so thankful that he is getting better.

Love Jen x